Crane Trailers

Schilli Specialized Crane Trailer

Specialized crane trailer is perfect for loads that go to places without a dock.

Schilli Specialized Inc., based in Indianapolis, IN, has quickly become known as one of the best carriers for specialized van transportation throughout the US and Canada.

Through our highly specialized crane division, we go where other carriers simply cannot.  Job site deliveries are easily done with our 8,000 pound capacity material handling system that allows for safe and quick loading/unloading of cargo at a dock, job-site or other remote location.

How The Crane Trailer Works

The crane trailer utilizes a small bridge crane designed to operate on rails affixed to the side of the van.   The crane is optimized to take up very little space and can be used to haul traditional freight when the crane is not needed.

Schilli Specialized Crane Van

Images courtesy of Cargo Masters

The mobile freight handling system allows the specially trained driver to unload almost any type of freight by easily lifting it out of the trailer and carefully resting it on the ground.   The rails are snug against the sides of the upper portion of the trailer.  The extension bars are unfolded from the year of the trailer and extend out to allow the crane unit to unload outside of the trailer.

Can Trailers Be Used for Traditional Van Freight?

We thought you’d never ask.   While crane trailers are extremely valuable to some shippers, we are constantly asked if the trailers can be used for regular freight that does get unloaded at docks.

The answer is, of course, yes.    The versatile crane trailers can haul loads up to 42,500 lbs.   Trailers can be loaded to approximately 49 feet of space with only slight height limitations due to the rails on the side of the trailers.    Most freight can be hauled without a problem.